The Beginner’s Guide to Clean Code

  • The first was that coding was just a big game of Pokemon. My only job was “catching” or in this case learning all the languages and then using them to write some code.
  • The second, was that the only one who had to read my code was the computer. Well duh! Who else, right?
Bad vs Good

Why should you write clean code?

1. It actually saves you time

2. Debugging will be easier

3. It makes collaboration smoother

“Remember! You are responsible for the quality of your code!”

What does clean code even look like?

1. Elegant

2. Focused

3. Easy to maintain and change

How can we start implementing clean code into our programs?

1. Plan!

2. Indentation

3. Naming with intention

4. Single Responsibility Principle

5. Separation of Concerns

6. Simplify your methods

7. DRY

8. Don’t use comments as a crutch

9. Don’t hardcode

10. Test!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin



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